About us


About us

Bogas film production established in October 2007 under a legal permission of the Government of Ethiopia. Since its establishment, the film production company has been participating in various activities, mainly in the cinema Industry. So far Bogas film production company has produced

- Qin leboch radio program at fana

- Yemaleda kokeboch", an acting competition TV show on EBS TV, which literally means “ Stars of dawn” since 2014

- “Bechis Tedebiqe”, which literally means “ ’hidden in the Smoke” - in 2014

- “Selayochu”, which literally means “The Spies” - in 2013 - Balekelm Hilmoch”, which literally means “Colorful Dreams” part - II in 2012

- “Balekelm Hilmoch”, which literally means “Colorful Dreams” part - I in 2008

- “Kerefede”, which literally means “When it's too late” in 2012

- “kegedel Mamito gar wogi”, which literally means “talking to an echo” in 2013

- “Eshiruru”/literally means “ … ” part - in 2011 presented to the Minister of Health and IFHP

- “Setochin Enakbir”

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Check Out : -The first acting competition Tv Show in the world "Yemaleda kokeboch" , - "Qin leboch radio program" -ጨዋታ #እትዬ ምኒሹ/#Eteye Menishu -and other Entertainment Videos unauthorised use, distribution and re upload of this content is strictly prohibited Copyright ©2018 BogasTube